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Male studentin brown shirt wearing a medal in front of a wall with the Trinity Bell Tower logo
Samantha Shinsky

CONGRATULATIONS! Trinity High School’s Jake Phillips, has been selected as a 2024 Carson Scholar!

five adults in blue in front of the Hiller Cafe
Samantha Shinsky

Trinity High School is proud to announce the opening of the Hiller Cafe, a student-run coffee shop serving beverages and treats. Operated by students from various classes, including business, autistic support, and life skills, the cafe offers valuable entrepreneurial experience and contributes to school events.

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Four students in front of blue wall thar reads "The Hiller Vault, Trinity High School Credit Union, Powered by Chrome"
Samantha Shinsky

Trinity High School introduces The Hiller Vault, a student-run credit union situated on campus, providing hands-on financial education and services for students and staff. The initiative, a partnership between Trinity Area School District and CHROME Federal Credit Union, offers students the opportunity to manage accounts, set financial goals, and gain practical experience in banking, aligning with CHROME's mission to promote financial literacy among youth.

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5 students in a school gym with rover they built that reads Wall-e
Samantha Shinsky


Trinity Area High School seniors clinched first place in the eighth Shaler Area High School STEAM Competition with their lunar rover inspired by Disney's "WALL-E."

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