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College & Career

College and Career Planning

College Planning 

Athletic Information 
This site has wonderful links to scholarship information specifically for athletes.

Campus Tours: Virtual College Tours 
Use this site to access visual tours of campuses.

Career Planning Resources 
This site has great college, career, and scholarship links.

The College Board+ 
The College Board site has information on registering and taking the SAT as well as college application information

Find details concerning admission information, advice and tips on planning and college life, news, scholarships, etc.

CollegeNet is the "#1 portal for applying to college over the web." This site offers a good engine for searching education pages. It also provides a search for finding colleges based on criteria--region, tuition, major, sports, etc.

College View 
This site serves as an excellent guide to help you prepare for college--virtual campus tours, financial aid, electronic application, test preparation, resumes, career guidance, and more. Free Online Practice Test Site 
This is a free practice and tip site for tests--PSAT, SAT, ACT, CLEP, AP, LSAT, and many more--to help prepare for the exams.

FinAid The Smart Student Guide to Financial Aid 
FinAid The Smart Student Guide to Financial Aid will help you determine what financial assistance may be available.

Find Money + More 
This scholarship and financial aid site provides guidance on finding money for your education.

Guidance Resources Homepage l 
This is a list of links for colleges, financial aid, and careers.

High School and College Planning 
Find links for college prep tests, financial aid, tips for writing essays, college links.

High School Guidance and Counseling 
This is a wonderful and comprehensive list of links to colleges and financial aid resources.

Kaplan Test Prep 
Kaplan Test Prep will help prepare for college acceptance tests.

OPE Information for Students 
The Office of Post Secondary Education provides financial information on various assistance programs.

Peterson's Launches Career Assessment 
Peterson's comprehensive college, financial and scholarship, testing, assessment program helps in getting ready for college

Pa. Higher Education Assistance Agency sponsors this great information page on financial assistance.

Preparing Your Child for College--A Resource Book for Parents 
The U.S. Dept. of Ed prepared this resource book to assist parents getting children ready for college. Find everything from finance information, tips, checklists to even charts detailing average costs and other statistics.

The Princeton Review 
Princeton Review gives help applying to colleges.

Sallie Mae 
This site helps organize scholarship and financial aid information and programs.

A great collection of scholarships, grants, and fellowships are categorized by major, state, religion, athletics, minority, company, etc.

Scholastic Testing Systems 
This site helps with preparing for college entrance exams--SAT, PSAT, and ACT.

Student Financial Assistance 
Federal financial assistance available through the U.S. Department of Education is outlined--aid programs, tax credits, loans, etc.

Students.Gov--Student Gateway to the U.S. Government 
This is an extensive site prepared by the U.S. government to help you plan for your future--college, career, and military service.

The U.S. Department of Education 
U.S. Department of Education - Student Financial Assistance helps you determine qualification for government aid.

U.S. Department of Education-FAFSA on the Web 
Use this government site to find college financial assistance.

U.S. News Online 
U.S.News provides tests to help determine the college that's right for YOU!!

Wired Scholar--Paying for College 
This is a great site to help you understand and plan for college expenses.

Assessments and Interest Surveys 

The Career Key 
A career questionnaire to access personality, find appropriate jobs, and link to Occupational Outlook Handbook for job descriptions.

University of Berkely 
Berkeley Career Exploration Links is an extensive career center that provides job descriptions and links to other sites offering career information. This site is maintained by University of California, Berkeley.

Career Toolbox 
Work interest quizzes and several personality tests help identify personality types and job interests.

Career and Job Descriptions

Academic and Career Information Center 
University of kansas provides links that connect college majors to career paths.

Career Resource Homepage 
This site organizes lots of career and employment information--employers, job searches, index of professional societies and organizations, university alumni services, resumes, and an alphabetical list of links to university career centers.

College Majors and Career Information 
Careeers are listed and profiled according to major.

Career and Majors - Index 
This career site provides basic job descriptions - nature of the work, working conditions, education and/or training, earnings, and employment outlook.

Exploring Occupations 
The University of Manitoba has this collection of career information. Job descriptions are available from A to Z.

Health Career Information 
Find job descriptions on a variety of health related careers.

Military Career Guide Online 
Use this site for descriptions of military jobs.

Find job descriptions grouped by career cluster.

2000 Guide to Career Choices 
The Illinois Department of Employment Security developed this site to be used as a guide for career opportunities. Acrobat Reader is necessary to download files & posters.