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Agricultural Production

CIP Code: 1.0301

Agriculture provides most of the world’s foods and fabrics, so students who learn to produce crops have the opportunity to impact themselves and society positively. In addition to learning the general principles and practices of agricultural research and production, students learn how cultivated plants and produced animals can sustain or enhance the population. They utilize the Trinity Freight Farm to produce leafy greens and herbs throughout the school year, and they study the science behind the production in real time. They cultivate soil, plant, raise, and harvest the crops to be shared with a local food bank. By the time students are ready to engage in a supervised agricultural experience (SAE) outside their regular school day, they understand the concept of sustainability and how they personally can contribute to their community.

Course of Study

  • Intro to Agriculture Science
  • Introduction to Horticulture
  • SAE I Project
  • Animal Science
  • Intro to Agricultural Mechanics
  • SAE II Project
  • Agricultural Marketing
  • Agricultural Biotechnology System & Food Production
  • SAE III Project
  • Conservation Biology
  • Environmental Science
  • Agricultural Leadership 
  • Advanced Hydroponics
  • SAE IV Project

Career Potential

  • Farming
  • Ranching
  • Agribusiness
  • Food Production

Articulation Agreement

  • Delaware Valley

Industry Certifications

  • Pennsylvania Skills Certificate via NOCTI Exam
  • OSHA Certification - Agriculture
  • Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow
  • National Safe Tractor & Machinery Operator (HOSTA)
  • Youth for the Quality of Animals(YQCA)
  • PA Beef Quality Assurance Certification
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Robin Durila
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Ms. Hartley

Jeannette Hartley
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