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Agriculture Mechanization

CIP Code: 1.0201

Mechanization is a multi-dimensional, widely applied concept in agriculture. The process of using machines and automation to perform tasks continues to evolve as researchers and scientists learn more about ways to harness the power of technology. This program prepares students to sell, select, and service technical equipment and facilities used in agriculture or agribusiness: power units, machinery, equipment, structures, and utilities, for example. Students learn about the operations of power systems and facilities. They learn to plan and select materials for the construction of facilities, and how to understand agricultural data processing systems. They learn mechanical practices associated with irrigation, water conservation, and erosion control. Students who complete this program are ready to advance agriculture in their communities by applying the latest approved techniques.

Course of Study

  • Intro to Agricultural Mechanics
  • Intro to Agriculture Science
  • SAE I Project
  • Agricultural Construction
  • Agricultural Mechanical Techniques
  • SAE II Project
  • Agricultural Advertising and Automation
  • Small Gas Engines
  • SAE III Project
  • Agricultural Engine & Machinery Systems
  • Agricultural Leadership and Communications
  • SAE IV Project


Career Potential

  • Purchasing Agents
  • Engineering Technician
  • Livestock Apprentice
  • Agricultural Service Technician
  • Precision Farming Specialist

Industry Certifications

  • Pennsylvania Skills Certificate via NOCTI Exam
  • OSHA Certification- Agriculture
  • National Safe Tractor & Machinery Operator (HOSTA)

John Husk