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Early Childhood Education Program

High School and Preschool students in Christmas pajamas
Group of HS Students
Group of High School and Preschool students.

CIP Code: 19.0708

The staff members at child care centers play a vital role in shaping the future of our children. In the Trinity Child Care Program, high school students learn how to meet the academic, behavioral, and nutritional needs of children while providing a safe learning environment that fosters all areas of their development. Using their understanding of theories relating to child development and learning, Child Care students plan and facilitate age and developmentally appropriate lessons to children who attend the Trinity Preschool Program three days weekly. The Trinity Preschool serves as a laboratory school where Child Care students can observe and practice their skills in a realistic environment. The program is designed to prepare high school graduates to continue their studies in the fields of child care or education, or work in a child care facility.

Course of Study

  • Intro to Early Childhood Education
  • Culinary Arts I
  • Culinary Arts II
  • ECE Project I
  • Early Childhood Education 1
  • Just the FACS
  • ECE  Project II
  • Early Childhood Education 2
  • Career and Life Planning
  • ECE Project III
  • Early Childhood Education 3
  • Senior Co-op/Internship

Career Potential

With Industry Certification
  • Daycare Aid
  • Daycare Worker
  • Daycare Assistant Supervisor
  • Nanny
With Associates Degree
  • Daycare Director
  • Preschool Teacher
  • Teacher's Assistant
With Bachelors Degree
  • Elementary School Teacher
  • Preschool Director
  • Special Education Teacher

Industry Certifications

  • Child Development Associate Ready Certificate
  • Infant and Child CPR/AED & First Aid Certification- American Red Cross
  • Better Kid Care 10 Hour Certification 
  • Mandated Reporter Training
  • Pennsylvania Skills Certificate via NOCTI Exam
Ms. Aliveto

Brittany Aliveto

Mrs. Tsangaris

Jessica Tsangaris